Technical, bureaucratic and agronomic advice
to agricultural and livestock farms


Alessia Baraldi

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bologna Enrolled in the provincial order of agronomic doctors of Modena (No. 238) since 19/12/2005


Technical and bureaucratic advice to zootechnical companies

Technical and bureaucratic advice to livestock companies in order to comply with the technical, management and legal aspects provided for by environmental legislation in force both regional and national. In particular:

  • drafting of PUA (Agronomic Utilisation Plans)
  • Spillage communications
  • management of sludge and BioGas digestate
  • questions AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorisation)
  • log spreaders
  • monitoring plans
  • manuals for company feed mills
  • technical contribution for authorisation procedures
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— Roberto Gervaso

Technical advice on regional, state and Community assistance

Technical advice on regional, state and Community subsidies to which farmers have access:

  • applications under the RDP (Rural Development Plan)
  • technical reports to be annexed to any project
  • business development plans
  • appraisals 

Bureaucratic organisation of farms

  • organisation of the bureaucracy required by farms. Also directly on site!
  • aid in the integrated biological process
  • country notebooks
  • fertilisation forms
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